XEOMIN® in Scottsdale

Everyone’s face eventually shows signs of aging. Although the signs are subtle at first, over time, you will notice deep-set wrinkles and other issues associated with growing older. XEOMIN® is a simple and effective anti-aging treatment performed in the comfortable Scottsdale Skin & Holistic Health office, located in Scottsdale. XEOMIN® is used to treat many facial lines including:

    • Worry lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Fine lines
    • Frown lines
    • Forehead lines

If you’re ready to reduce wrinkles and achieve a youthful, glowing appearance, ask us about XEOMIN® today!

How Does XEOMIN® Work?

When you squint or frown, the muscles between your eyebrows contract, causing the skin to furrow and fold. Over time, as your skin ages and loses some of its elasticity, these repeated contractions can cause persistent frown lines. Botulinum toxin type A – the active ingredient in XEOMIN®– acts on nerve endings in muscles to prevent muscle fibers from contracting. By reducing these contractions, XEOMIN® can temporarily reduce the lines between your eyebrows.

How Does XEOMIN® Compare to Botox®?

XEOMIN® comparable performance

When Can I Expect to See Results?

You may begin to see visible smoothing as early as 3-4 days after injection. Wrinkle reduction varies among patients and improvement typically lasts 3 to 4 months before another treatment is necessary.

XEOMIN® before and after picture.XEOMIN® before and after picture.